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Jarva-Jõesuu beach



- The mention of the area first appears in a document from 1503 by Wolter von Plettenberg, the land master of the Livonian Order.
- In 1686, the area became known as Hungerburg ("hungry town"). According to legend, German merchants gave the place this name as they, being shipwrecked, found no food on the shore.
- The rise of Narva-Jõesuu as a resort began after the opening of the Tallinn-Petersburg railway in 1870.
- It served as a trading port during the Tsarist and Estonian periods.
During the Soviet era, the Narva-Jõesuu Factory of Toila Fishery was built, operating under various names until 2019.
- Sunwave acquired the former boiler plant property. In 2009, the spa hotel and surf center project underwent an audit by Enterprise Estonia and received a decision for a 50 million Estonian kroon grant.
- The real estate crisis that started in 2008 favored the involvement of investors.
- Stendal Haldus acquired the fishery property in 2001.

- In 2021, a zoning plan was established.
- In 2021, under the joint brand of OÜ Sunwave and OÜ Stendal Haldus, Seagate began developing the condo hotel concept.
- A feasibility study for the condo hotel concept was conducted by Christie and Co in 2021-2022.
- From 2023 to 2026, the developers' goal is to develop the necessary infrastructure for the project, including the demolition of old buildings, the construction of Suur Lootsi Street with infrastructure, and the preparation of activities for the development of the inner promenade and beach promenade in the development area. Additionally, plans include developing and finding partners for the technical pre-conceptualization of heating, cooling, and water usage solutions that would minimize the development area's carbon footprint.
- From 2023 to 2026, an operator is being sought for the development area to manage maintenance and temporary use, with the aim of introducing the development area. This would include street food, waste management, public events, including cultural events, temporary recreational areas, and winter boat storage and summer boat berths.
- By 2026, the developers aim to find a strategic partner for the further development of the condo hotel concept.
- The planned development of the project is scheduled for 2028-2029.



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